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2015 Clinic Schedule

June 27th & 28th
Cutting Clinic to Benefit the Navy SEAL Foundation
Heart Ranch West - Bodega, CA
Click Here for Information 

2010 Clinics

PCCHA Youth Clinic
Echeta Ranch - Wilton, California
June 7th

Clinic Participants

Lauren Arnerich
Seth Bowling
Christopher Brennan
Jake Brennan
Kaitlyn Campbell
Ryan Denier
Emily Di Pietro
Kacey Garfinkle
Addie Greenleaf
Jessica Jones
Jarod Jordan
Madelynn Perry
Robynne Puldi
Jordan Sparrowk
Kristin Talbot
Cassie Voigt
Tanner Ward
Ashlee White


Wilderness Stables Clinic – Calgary, Alberta CAN
June 19th & 20th

Clinic Participants

Lisa Anderson
Erin Chromik
Carl Gerwien
Tes Van Houten
Anita Kramer
Joe Kramer
Greg McFetridge
Jocelynne Palin
Darlene Wardley
Scott Wardley
Nancy Wells

Many thanks to everyone participating in this past years clinics!  And a special thank you to clinic coordinators Debbie McGregor for PCCHA and Kathy Mageno for Wilderness Stables & Tack

Photos Provided by Ted Petit Photography


To receive Clinic information as it becomes available please email;
info@heartranch.com and we will place you on our mailing list.


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